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About Our Food...



All natural chuck roast braised in our house made ancho pepper and orange marinade until tender and falling apart. The smokey, sweet, and mild ancho chili is the perfect spice for this slow roasted cut of beef




Cochinita Pibil! The signature dish of the Yucatan and how we prepare our pork. Slow roasted pork shoulder slathered in our achiote guajillo marinade. Earthy, bright, and very unique. If you are ever in Tulum, Mexico and you see this on a menu...order it!




All natural, all white meat simmered in a pot with limes, veggies, and spices until perfectly tender and juicy, then served in it's own brightly flavored stock




Leafy greens and potatoes! We saute Collard Greens (sometimes Kale) and a blend of potatoes and sweet potatoes into a medley that's tasty, crunchy, filling, and VERY  good for you. The greens we use are as close as we can get to Chaya, a leafy green grown in the Yucatan.  Again, if you're ever traveling down there and you see it...order it!


*Pico de Gallo


Pico is simply a chunky tomato salsa.  Hand cut tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and corn with spices and a lot of fresh squeezed lime


*Tropical Salad


Crunchy "Trop" is a simple blend of shredded carrots and red cabbage lightly blanched with a touch of vinegar. It gives everything a bright and tasty crunch. (also very good for you!) 




We blend a little fresh lime juice and jalapeno into our sour cream to make it a bit lighter and brighter




A Poblano is a deep green pepper that's a bit more savory and a bit more spicy than a bell pepper. We roast them to bring out even more flavor, cut them into strips, and saute them with the greens. Very simple but tastes complex, try them!!


*Oaxacan Cheese


Queso Oaxaca is a mild white string cheese, kinda like Mozzarella but a bit saltier


*Queso Fresca


This is a simple, crumbly, fresh cheese that just goes perfectly with beans. So that's what we do! 

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